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    In my opinion, the only thing the Raspberry Pi has going for it is the low price, but more important is the number of units already sold and likely to be sold in the future. That huge community of users is what would be attractive, because assuming we could interest even 2% of the people we could show MorphOS3.x to on the Raspberry Pi, 2% of 20,000 to 40,000 Raspberry Pi users (I don't know how many have been sold so far, but it is a large number), is much higher than 30% of the users of a much less popular product. Also, given the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, and the amount of media coverage it receives when something new comes out that can run on it, or a new use that someone finds for it, there would be a greater chance for wide spread coverage of an announcement of a port of MorphOS3.x to the Raspberry Pi, than there would be to any small production run alternative, even if the alternative was twice as powerful at half the price.

    This is a very good point. Big captive market and cheap publicity.

    ..but don't think in terms of 1 or 2% or any %. Just think here's a potential market and how do we get to them.

    What can MorphOS offer RPi users that Linux can't?
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