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    Depends on you of course, but I would suggest you get a G4 PowerBook, if portability and being able to use in places without plug in power are appealing to you.

    If not, and depending on prices for G4 PowerMac's compared to G4 MacMini's in your area, you might want to check out getting a G4 PowerMac that you can install a video card with 128mb VRAM.

    Where I live, they can be found at less than half what a MacMini costs, so they are good options, if you don't have to pay too much for shipping. If you can find one that is local for you to pick up in person, that would be even better.

    Also, there was a mention that the price structure for the license key would be changing when MorphOS3.0 was released and that all license keys, except for the ones for G4 PowerBooks, would be sold at a lower price than the license for the G4 PowerBook. I have not heard or read anything more about this potential discount for everything except the PowerBook since that one message and don't know how much the difference will be.

    Good luck with your decision and your search for a new (new to you anyway) MorphOS computer.
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