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    ok.. I have a Mini with 32mb vid ram.. Can someone show me a real life example of where it limits me? I see all the folks with tinfoil hats runnin scared when they see anything less than 64mb vid ram.

    Simply by using multiple screens normally with today's resolutions. I use browser(s) on their own screens as well as other apps like gfx programs from Showgirls to image processors, MPlayer on fullscreen, text processors etc. I have 64M vram on my main mini and it ends pretty soon after two or three screens. Screen switching becomes slower annoyingly. I use enhanced display only on Ambient and had to compromize others to non enhanced. With 32M I just couldn't use the system daily with my way on fullhd display.

    And simply watching movies with fullhd display suffered on 32M machine with only little decorated Ambient and mplayer... some movies got trashed until I switched to lower resolution..

    My Peg1 is fine with 128M vmem, but it just lacks cpu power :)
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