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    You will see a huge difference if you run :
    - run Ambient on an "enhanced Display" screen
    - use a 21st century resolution (1680x1050 or higher)
    - have some windows open

    I use (on a 64MB Mini) 1920x1080 (FullHD) in 16bit and atm those windows are open:
    -Ambient backdrop (doh)
    -1 Ambient lister
    -1 Ambient panel

    22.5MB in use

    Useing a 16bit !! screenmode !!

    Opening Cubic IDE with some windows (I tend to get my desktop cluttered while coding) will easily push it over 32MB. I even hit the hard wall at 64MB on a regular basis (and you will surely notice the difference once swapping to main memory sets in.

    One can "solve" these issues by not useing enhanced or atleast have most apps open on a non-enhanced screen, so it's not a life&death issue but IMO the 50Euro or so that a 1.5GHz/64MB Mini costs more than the 1.42 model are really well spent considering that you might use it for years to come (and it's allways nice to have the top-off-the-line model).

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