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    pega-1 wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    "it's unlikely you will ever see support for that in MorphOS" ouch! hopefully you mean defeat of DRM, because being able to read UDF format doesn't necessarily imply that

    Well, obviously we don't need to move to Antigua to implement the open UDF 2.5/2.6 standard as a filesystem, so I was refering to the encryption of protected Blu-ray discs (since you were refering to ripping data which somehow implied breaking encryption to me) .
    An UDF filesystem - while it definitely would be nice2have - is not high on our priority list, though. At least noone is really working on it right now.

    I used to rip DVDs that I owned to reduce their size for play back on hand held devices.
    But since the pasage of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act this practice is no longer technically legal.
    I've never copied anything I didn't pay for.
    I noticed in an earlier post someone mentioned playing back the movie "Machete".
    That film hasn't been released to DVD/Bluray yet.
    So we don't need UDF support to obtain and view improperly obtained content under MorphOS..
    Legally viewing rented or purchased blurays on a MorphOS system would require UDF support though.
    Hopefully one day we'll get it.
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