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    I bought the 1.8ghz sonnet.

    I can watch BluRay at 1280x720x24fps just fine with no need to skip any loop filters.
    The problems I have are that about half of the YouTube HD videos are not standard format. Many of them are 30fps or have other oddities and no matter which switches I use from a shell with MPlayer I cannot get the audio and video to sync on these oddball formats. Even on some of them which are the correct 24fps I still cannot get them to work right even though the playback speed is more than adequate they are just not going to sync right.
    I tried using mencoder to reencode one of these problem videos but I simply didn't have forever to wait around for it to get done so I gave up. I am still using the limited version of MOS so 30 minutes is not enough time to convert.
    All in all, BluRay quality works fine (even on a 1ghz machine) as long as the video conforms to standards. I can prove that it will work on a 1ghz machine if need be, just pop the old processor back in.
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