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    >> HD at 1080p resolution is said to be possible on the even faster G5 based
    >> systems we'll hopefully get some day.

    > Not tomorrow, guys. It's possible today. [...] we'd have to do some conversion
    > 1080p to 7290p). Mone of this has to happen in real time. Finally, once we have
    > the 720p files, we have enough CPU/GPU power to play it back. [...] We could do
    > this and we could do it now. The G5 is only necessary if you insist on playback
    > direct from the disk.

    When I talk about 1080p playback I refer to actually playing back 1080p content as is, not 1080p content converted to 720p content. That would be 720p playback. Going by what you say we could even play 1080p content on an Efika 5200B, namely by converting it to 360p beforehand ;-)

    > How many LCD TVs are limited to 720p?

    I think that computer screens with resolutions of 1920x1080 or more are very common these days. Unfortunately, I still have 1680x1050 ;-)
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