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    Then we reduce playback quality to 720P. We know that works.. What we need now is a way not read Bluray and convert files to an easily displayed format. That's why I like the MKV format.

    What has this got to do with MKV ? The Ubuntu wiki only mentions MakeMKV because it has a DRM key for AACS that has not been revoked yet.

    You make it sound as though it is possible to playback 1080P content at 720P without a lot of processor power (?) -> You will have to decode at 1080 and then scale down, so that's even more processing!

    I agree it would be nice to have the UDF filesystem and AACS decryption so that data on Blu Ray could be accessed. But for playback you need a faster machine or you need to decode, scale and encode to make an offline copy. I don't think there will be a fast enough decoder on current hardware without GPU acceleration and that is probably not possible until a full OpenGL implementation is available.

    In the mean time, I believe it would be legal to download a torrent of the BluRay movie you have bought and it will already be nicely scaled. Or buy the DVD ;)

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