Powermac supported devices
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    probably and most likely never. (maybe it happens if nvidia decides to release the source/documentation for their drivers/cards, but then it still wont be 100%:)

    so you better get a supported card for your mac (r7500-9250, or r9500-9800 with no 3d support) or flash a card for the pc with mac bios (cheaper but more difficult indeed:)

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    As there are a few inconsistencies between the expected (pre-release) hardware support information and actual (release) hardware support information, I recommend visiting the MorphOS-team website for correct information.

    This thread served its purpose - it was intended to get information together prior to release: to allow potential users to make informed choices based on information available at the time, and to take the pressure off developers being asked for the same information ad nauseum.

    Now that MorphOS 2,6 has been released, the proper place to find such information is MorphOS-Team website.

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