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    > Yes, the graphics card has to have a Mac bios. No idea
    > about PCI - if you can get a supported PCI card, it might
    > as well work (it still has to have a Mac bios).

    Sure, I understand that graphic cards in Power Mac G4 computers must have a Mac bios. However, can we also look forward to run MorphOS on Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) computers (Apple?s codename: Yikes!), though they do not offer an AGP graphics slot? If you state "it might as well work", do you mean only as a 2nd graphical card during operation or could a PCI graphics card completely replace AGP if I operate my Power Mac with MorphOS, i.e. could I do without AGP?

    If an AGP graphical card is not crucial, is it perhaps even possible to run MorphOS on a Power Mac G3 (Blue & White) extended with a G4 upgrade card?


    > MorphOS supports a maximum amount of 1.5GB memory, even
    > though you could plug 2GB into the MDD models which have
    > 4 memory slots. They are shared on all available CPUs.

    Several Power Macintosh G4 machines older than the Quicksilver series also have got 4 RAM slots and, using Mac OS X, a maximum of 2 GB RAM was supported by the hardware. Yet, I guess that 2 GB of memory will probably not be supported on those computers if you run MorphOS, as these limitations also apply to MDD machines.
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