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    - Slot Airport is different between FW800 (airport extreme) and MDD (older airport).

    - RAM 2gb is full usable with 1 or 2 CPU G4 in Dual G4 FW800 and MDD

    - RAM in older FW800/MDD (es. Quicksilver ..etc..) are 133 or 100, but It'not DDR.
    DDR is only for FW800 and MDD

    - here to FLASH ATI Radeon graphic card http://themacelite.wikidot.com/ati-flash (if you don't buy "original" Mac).
    No problem here to flash ATI 9200, 9250 and 9800XT/Pro.

    - USB onboard is 1.1 (two ports), for 2.0 use a simple PCI USB card.

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