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    > I am 99% sure it is something 5121 based

    Yes, that's for sure, taking into account some statements from AmiWest:

    - "e300-based"
    - "graphics to be based around powerVR chipset"
    - "compositing support for powerVR out of the box is in plan, hardware acceleration key to making experience positive."
    - "powerVR chipset performance is something he doesn't personally know."

    > from THTF/Lime.

    Yes, that's almost sure. From the same source:

    - "1024x600 screen"
    - "the product is an OEM product"
    - "netbook already on market running linux."

    And also interesting:

    "if the netbook sells, yes, more powerful portables are absolutely planned to follow"

    More powerful than 400 MHz e300? Who is supposed to develop this? THTF? Varisys? Maybe they're going to resort to McEwen's sub-$300 "mini laptop" offering (pages 6/7)?

    - MPC7447A @ 867 MHz
    - Tundra Tsi108 northbridge
    - 128 MiB DDR2 RAM
    - nVidia 2D/3D GPU
    - 2x (or 4x) USB 2.0
    - 1x 10/100Mb Ethernet
    - 802.11b (add-on via Mini PCI)
    - 5" LCD
    - SD/CF slot
    - 40 GB HDD

    McEwen said he could even provide the necessary docs for the nVidia chip ;-)
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