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    > do you use some kind of web surveilance tool, to automatically check for updates?

    No, just a coincidence.

    > now, you will answer with a link to myself asking this months ago

    Wouldn't make any sense. I'd only respond with a link if I answered this question already.

    > now I see MIPS based products, even!

    Yes, they obviously complemented their Power Architecture and x86 based offerings with MIPS and ARM based products.

    > Go figure what's that "1.7Gdmaps processor" in their laptop/tablet convertible
    > LimePad E7F.

    To be honest, I don't have the slightest clue what "1.7Gdmaps processor" means ;-)
    But fortunately there's some information provided by a posting you linked to:

    "LimePad: [...] Processor is "1 GHz minimum Cortex". I assume they mean an ARM Cortex-A8 or A9, as they're the only ARM Cortex that run that fast."

    On further observation it seems that the LimeNote on limepc.com equals the LimeLite in that posting. But there's also something really confusing: As far as I can see the MPC5121e based LimeBook "Z7" and "Z9" were renamed "A7" and "A9". But in the posting you linked to the following is said about the LimeBook A9:

    "LimeBook A9: [...] "1 GHz minimum Cortex processor". From the name I would guess it is indeed an ARM Cortex-A9."
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