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    PPC seems not to be completely dead (yet). At least Freescale added a new member to their more or less famous 512x family - the 5125.
    Two things are intersting with this chip:
    1st the fact that it is there (recently it seemed Freescale wouldn't do anything new in ppc-land except QorIQ).
    2nd the price: A unit comes at 10.95 in bulk volume orders.

    400 MHz e300. Less than 1W uptake.
    Build in units: DDR conroller 200 MHz, DIU, usb 2.0, two fast Ethernet units, flash and SDHC controller, CAN, I2C, progammable battery operated clock, 32KB local SRAM. Missing: audio and (s)ata. The latter is IMHO for such a low end chip acceptable, given that a flash and SDHC controller is present and at these low end devices a limited flash amount will do. For more storage there is usb or ethernet.

    What does it mean for MorphOS? Probably nothing, but IMHO it is nice to see Freescale not having abandoned ppc completetly (yet).

    Link from Freescale: http://cache.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/prod_brief/MPC5125PB.pdf?fpsp=1

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