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    magnetic wrote:
    Hopefully there will be a PB mac version of morphos 2.x soon. It would be fun to hack around with.. I love this PB g4 1.25ghz especially since it runs passive cooling no fans! 1gb Ram and Radeon 9600 gfx!

    I suggest not to expect that before late this year. Maybe we will experience a nice surprise by the team, but expect the least to get not disappointed.
    The cubes are pointless IMHO - old and rather expensive.

    I think these are your options: If you want a little, cute box, get a mini.?If you want expandability get a Pegasos or Power mac G4. If you have a Powerbook use it with OS X or/and just have loads of patience. If you happen to own an Efika, do something special with it.
    I am quite confident we will see a release for the PowerBook, but I think it will take quite a while still. Next update (spring? maybe around eastern?) will bring support for Power Mac G4 and probably some selected eMac G4 revisions.

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