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    Ok, understood. What are the current chances of this [a PowerBook-compatible MOS release] happening sometime in the (hopefully near) future?

    I think the PowerBook G4 should stand quite a good chance in world of second hand PPC Mac hardware:
    - The last PowerBooks were G4s, opposite to only the very first MacMini being a PPC version.
    - G4 PowerBook features are max 2GB of RAM, an internal harddisk of (currently) max. 320GB, external USB2, Bluetooth2+EDR, Wireless 802.11g / Firewire 400 & 800, gigabit copper network, DL DVD burning, built in speakers & microphone, S-Video out, composite out, DVI out (and this is dual-link DVI, so it can drive the Apple Cinema HD 30" at 2560x1600 simultaneously with 1680x1050 on the laptop, both in full colour)
    - AND it's a laptop.

    I just did a search for 'powerbook g4 17' on eBay Germany and UK, there's a couple of nice choices there. I think that quite a few people would like that. It would be the MorphOS laptop then ...

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