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    I agree. MorphOS is very strong atm with the MacMini. It's brilliant, and it'll get even better when the rest of the G4 macs get support.

    And I do understand that it's too early to say "yes" or "no" to MorphOS on the A-EON, as you rightly point out, it's nothing more than a sales pitch atm. And it could happen that the board only is available as a bundle.

    However, I think that a lot of users like myself would love to save some deskspace by having one box, all our os' on. I rather have a QuemuPPC installable version of OS4 and MorphOS, but I consider that just as likely as a merging of MorphOS and OS4 (Not that nessecarily wanted, just an example of something very unlikely - like flying pigs, also not nessecarily wanted ). :-)
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