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    Yes, MorphOs is quite on track, but it is also very interesting to see what the other competing side is doing now. And while in recent months there was little progress or good news on their side, it seems they made a progress now. And the way they set it in scene is not too lousy. They gain the interest they planned to gain.
    What enevtually will come out of this theatre play is another story. But I doubt there are many butterfly fellows out there who don't have at least a remote interest what the other camp is doing (for whatever reason this interest may be motivated).
    And personally I am quite curious whether they will provide a hardware with the PA 1682 - which is said nobody can get get hold of. A little speculating can be entertaining, but I doubt things in Amigaland which change over night radically and with the *now* available MorphOS 2.4 there is not much to fear.
    And I am very interested (and highly (highest!) sceptical) what they will present on the software side: Do they have a solution for SMP, will or have they they boxed their OS? If it is the PA Sei chip: how do they support 64 bit? What about gfx drivers - there are only PCIe slots on the board, so they need drivers for more recent gfx chips? Many things unresolved.

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