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    If the price is 3-5 times of the similar level "dusty macs", I think it really isn't worth the effort.

    i think it is, if this new machine really gets released, even for a high price, i guess it will be bundled with OS4 and we'll probably see that the price/perf ratio won't be so good for the used mac + morphos licence. But i am only speculating, again it's too soon to get into that debate, we'll see when it's out and available.

    Yes, too early to start a debate about price/performance ratio difference between MorphOS2.4 on 1.5GHz G4 MacMini and A-Eon AmigaOne Power-X, but I can't see them producing that mobo for less than the SAM440 cost, so it will likely still be at least 2 times the expense of a used G4 MacMini with a MorphOS2.4 license included, maybe 3x.

    I seriously doubt that the new AmigaOne Power-X will have 2x to 3x the performance of my 1.5GHz G4 MacMini running MorphOS2.4.

    But a new Amiga motherboard design is interesting and is definitely causing a lot of speculation and discussion.
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