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    Fab wrote:
    Assuming the company designing that reference board is technically competent enough to give a proper product (which is a big "if"), I wish them luck to find a sustainable market. bPlan (who were quite competent and had a quite solid product) tried but finally had focus on something more profitable.

    Whilst I agree with you on this, it must be observed that when Genesi were selling the Pegasos 2, AmigaOS was not available and MorphOS was in 1.4.x stage.
    Now that these OSes are available in a more complete form, at least the Amiga-centric market can get on board now. Whether that will be enough fertilizer to make this seed grow remains to be seen.

    New PPC hardware must be welcomed though, especially if it is delivering a high-end processor, PCIe and SATA.

    I'm gratified to see the positive reaction this has had throughout the Amiga-centric community so far. It could potentially be very good news for all of our OSes.

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