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    > Seybold claims that Cherrypal prioritized deliveries to poor countries, and we can't
    > necessarily expect those recipients to jump on blogs and report back

    I think they could put their new gadget in good use by doing so ;-)

    > There were people a year or so ago who said the original Cherrypal nettop was vapor and
    > just conception drawings created by computer graphics people, and that wasn't true.

    There were also people who claimed that for the price of a Cherrypal Bing alone both a C114 and a Bing would be delivered, and that wasn't true. Nobody got a Bing back then, not even separately.
    And there were people who told tales about some mysterious cloud being established, which led some other people into buying Cherrypal's product. Remarkably, there's no such cloud up to now.
    And there are people who claim that the Green Maraschino Cloud will go online ("again", as they falsely claim) no later than 6 weeks from now. We'll see if that holds true this time.
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