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    You are exactly correct. Maybe, we will write about this someday...

    China in Africa Today Seminar
    6-7 March 2007

    Tuesday 6 March

    07:30-08:00 Participants in process at conference facility/light refreshments available

    08:00-08:05 Opening remarks (Maj Gen Craig Koziol, JIOWC Commander)

    08:05-08:30 China in Africa Today (Maj Gen Remkes, ECJ5/8)

    08:30-08:45 Introduction/Admin (Lt Col Eric Brown, JIOWC)

    08:45-08:55 Seminar Strategy and Process (Mr John Rendon)

    08:55-09:10 Break

    09:10-10:00 China's Strategy in Africa (Dr Peter Pham, Director, Nelson Institute)

    10:00-10:30 China's Strategy in Africa: The Internal Perspective (Mr Joseph Lin, Associate Editor, Jamestown Foundation)

    10:30-11:00 US Policy in Africa (Ms Claudia Anyaso, Director of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Bureau of African Affairs, DoS)

    11:00-11:30 EUCOM Africa Strategy (Maj Gen Remkes, ECJ5 J5/8)

    11:30-13:00 LUNCH/Administration

    13:00-13:30 Why are African Governments attracted to China's regional efforts? (Ambassador Robert Gribbin)

    13:30-16:30 Group Discussions: Strengths and Weakness of China/US Approaches in Africa (Mr John Rendon)

    13:30-14:45 Topic: Resource development and trade (Discussion leader: Dr Douglas Yates, American University of Paris)

    14:45-15:15 Break

    15:15-16:30 Topic: Infrastructure development and economic aid (Discussion leader: Mr Bill Buck and Ms Raquel Velasco, Genesi)

    16:30-17:00 DAILY WRAP-UP

    17:30-20:00 Reception/Dinner (Aldaco's Mexican Cuisine)



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