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    c64 wrote:

    I have an old B&W mac G3 with a Sonnet Encore/ZIF G4(7455?) 1.0 GHz.
    This platform will be supported by Mos? (I hope so!)
    If not, a mac mini G4 is a good choice or is planned a support for faster G4(5) macs?


    I seriously doubt your B&W Mac will get support in a foreseebale future.

    Currently supported:Mac mini G4, Pegasos 1 & 2, Efika 5200B.
    Supported in the next release: Power Mac G4 (not all models, see initial post of this thread and Jacadaps added a rule of thumb that maschines above 1 GHz will do)
    Not confirmed but probably in the next release as well: Some G4 eMacs.
    Later on probably some PowerBooks.

    The Mac mini is a nice maschine and there aren't too many G4 maschines out there which are substancially faster. The Power Mac G4 can have a faster cpu, but no faster RAM, hence probably not much faster in overall performance (unless dual cpu boards will get used somehow). The 1.67 GHz Powerbook will probably be the fastest maschine. But I guess we will see support for that rather in the end of this year than in spring or summer.
    And I wouldn't count on G5 - if it will get supported at all, it will be not too soon...

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