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    Normally, companies submits to the consumers collective perception of a fair price for a product of certain specifications, and either adapts their prices according to their offered product specifications, or they adapt their products to fit the price.

    ??? That statement is wrong, or an uber-simplified half-truth at best. Well, it depends on how you define "normally", I admit. There are countless scenarios when this is not true at all either way.


    You, on the other hand, obviously wants to change/"educate" an entire population into perceiving a fixed price for a product is fair, instead of changing either the price or the product into becoming fair according to consumers perception?

    There is no "fair price" that is somehow "natural" or "transmitted by a higher power in to the collective consciousness of mankind". Period.

    Second of all, we are talking about a niche community here, not an entire population. (Feel free to read up on market segmentation. Trying to appeal to the wants and needs of an entire society is usually considered a fool's errant nowadays.)


    Software gets "expensive" much quicker than hardware.

    In this context, I find that to be a very broad, inprecise statement.

    Sure, if you look at software that can be either legally or illegally installed on multiple machines, an end user may not be overly motivated to buy a second license. Unlike hardware, you can 'clone' a number of software titles at little or no cost and with little nor work involved.

    But, if you specifically look at software that is either dongled or otherwise hard to transfer and use on multiple machines, which includes computers as well as mobile devices such as phones, things look a whole lot different.

    For example, I know many local businesses use dongled niche software that is essential to their daily operations. For them, buying an extra software license (and dongle) for their existing machines increases their work productivity, thus income, far more than buying yet another computer.


    Maybe you can "educate" *some chosen individuals*

    The education of a target group is commonly called 'advertizing' and happens to be a trillion dollar business sector...


    That said - You set whatever price you want. Of Course you do!

    Just for the record, I personally appear to have literally zero influence on the price. There is nothing I can do or say to change it.
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