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    True, there are companies selling software quite expensive and which don?t give any discounts. But isn?t it a bit, well, maybe arrogant to compare a niche OS like MorphOS with products of BIG companies like Quark, SAS, Adobe and others which play a big role in the industry? Here also, no insult intended!

    You see, I did not reference any of these large companies you listed. I mentioned that *many* successful companies do not offer discounts to private consumers. You do not have to be 'large' to be successful. There are many smaller companies who offer no multi-license discounts for their 'expensive' niche software.

    So, I really don't see how I was being arrogant in what I wrote. What I personally find arrogant is when people with either zero or rather superficial knowledge about marketing matters accuse others of being either ignorant or incompetent if they disagree with the need to offer said discounts. (This is not specifically targetted at you, just a reference to why I replied in this thread in the first place.)
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