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    While I agree x86 is a good platform for MorphOS on paper, what I have learned about using PPC hardware over x86, I'm willing to pay more, for less. Here is why:

    X86 was and continues to be designed as a Brute force model Setup like this:
    Video Memory-GPU

    PPC and others use a more efficient approach:

    Where the CPU is much more involved in the other goings on, it allows for a more efficient integration.

    Furthermore, PPC CPU sales are not as fit-to-mold type deal as x86, they are far better quality processors.

    The reason I would withdraw from the MorphOS scene and go to red would be that switching to X86 would force me to buy the horrible x86 HW I tried to escape. I'm hoping, by some sheer luck, the A1 X1k
    will triumph in the market and secure itself a successful position. I hope this new board also has a powerful CPU, like the Titan, although i'm not sure if that complies to PowerISA 2.04.

    Look at the PPC 601, iirc, it offered 2 times faster clock for clock and instruction set execution, and most PPC chips are based on the designs of it, the G5 quad CPU PowerMac even holds its own against the most powerful stock HW available.

    I know, that someday the Intel domination of the market will disappear, and i will close my ears to your further predictions on the HW switch because it will never result in success.

    I need to blow off some steam.....

    My Macs:
    Powerbook G4 ALU 1.5GHZ 15" 1.5GB OSX.5.8
    Powermac G4 MDD 1.5GHZ OSX.5.8 MOS2.7

    Want a part for a Mac? Let me know, I'll see what I can do.

    Amithlon is amazing, questions and help I can provide.
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