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    I was just giving my objective view (which I think is realistic) of the situation, which would likely be the one from anyone not familiar with amiga/morphos history.
    I think it's quite difficult to reach an unprepared audience, given the limitations (limited hardware support, lack of software, compatibility legacy that adds some constraints, ...) . And I don't think it's a wise move to hype things blindly to the "outside world". It could badly backfire when potential clients realize the product doesn't satisfy their expectations. But hey, i'm not a commercial nor a public relation guy, after all. Maybe i'm just very wrong. Maybe I'm not the Most Ambitious Person either. :)

    I can't comment for everyone, but in my case, the motivation to develop for MorphOS is mostly to bring or enhance software I need/use, because it's my favorite system. And I certainly hope that all MorphOS efforts are appreciated and useful to other users too. :)

    Regarding the pricing aspect, it was discussed a lot, and maybe it's not perfect when you have several machines, but there are not many practical alternatives either.

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