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    @ Granny

    Yes, good points you mentioned in your recent posts.
    It is obvious that the Mac support ist an intermediate solution, since Apple left the PPC building.
    Therefore, I am curious what the new hardware from Hyperion/Aena will be.... :-?
    So, I also would like to know about the plans for the MophOS future and see some invigorating visions...

    @ ASiegel

    Well, the pricing thing...

    True, there are companies selling software quite expensive and which don?t give any discounts. But isn?t it a bit, well, maybe arrogant to compare a niche OS like MorphOS with products of BIG companies like Quark, SAS, Adobe and others which play a big role in the industry?
    Here also, no insult intended! But we should get real on this point.
    And we see, that pricing and lincencing scheme are a big topic in the fora. So maybe this "whining" should not be ignored for the future benefit of the platform.

    One thing I miss in almost all recent posts on MorphOS is the self consciousness and the proudness to have a great OS which in many details is ahead of the competitors. So there is a potential to become something much bigger. But I doubt that without getting more professional and without some more flexibility and strategic partners there can be much more growth atm.

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