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    > All that [...] was Genesi initiated efforts towards this:

    I'm not sure that laire's January 2005 words regarding embedded had that much to do with Genesi. Like you quoted him back then:

    "I simply decided to port morphos to some embedded platform and see what develops out of this"

    At least that doesn't sound like a concerted effort between him and Genesi.
    And I'm also not sure that Genesi already had something like the LimePCs in mind in January 2005. They started their advanced SoC (which developed into the MPC512x in 2007) oriented blog postings not before 2006.
    In conclusion, I think you see an "initiated effort" where there was no such back then yet, just laire's very own idea to make something commercially viable out of MorphOS by going embedded.

    > And there needs lots of apps as well! PVR software, DTV software, teletext
    > software, etc for TV and STB? [...] But no work at all has been done in this direction AFAIK.

    Maybe that was supposed to be a start (you even suspected it back then):


    "I guess it's MorphOS software for watching DVB-S broadcasts (and DVB-C, DVB-T with additional development). Could be used for a MorphOS based STB or similar device for instance?"

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