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    ASiegel wrote:


    ASiegel wrote:
    'Some people' understand this quite well, in fact. However, the real fact is that the price elasticity is fully dependent on consumer perceptions that can only be changed if you openly challenge them. One approach is to ask why someone is willing to spend 500 EUR on a second or third Powerbook to run MorphOS on but hesitates to pay a fraction of that sum on a second or third MorphOS license, for instance.

    No offense intended, but in my view that comment only shows lack of understanding of the PED concept.

    Quite the opposite. I am confident I understand this extremely well.

    Normally, companies submits to the consumers collective perception of a fair price for a product of certain specifications, and either adapts their prices according to their offered product specifications, or they adapt their products to fit the price.

    You, on the other hand, obviously wants to change/"educate" an entire population into perceiving a fixed price for a product is fair, instead of changing either the price or the product into becoming fair according to consumers perception?

    What's the price of a bottle/can of cola in Western Europe? 1 Euro? Say that Coca Cola increases their price to 10 EUR per bottle/can. They want to make more money, don't they? What will happen? People will of course think it's too expensive, and buy Pepsi (or Dr Pepper, or drink water) instead, because there is no way they are going to spend 10 EUR for a single coke, no matter how rich they are! The chief of sales at Coca Cola is puzzled. Because then he see how *the very same people* that didn't want to buy his Coke bottles at 10 EUR, goes and buy a single bottle of Champagne for *100 EUR*. He stops one of them at the street outside the store, and ask "How come you are willing to spend 100 EUR on *this* bottle of beverage, when my bottles only costs a fracture of that price? You obviously have the money!"

    Different products, and *different kinds* of products, has different price elasticity. Software gets "expensive" much quicker than hardware. Don't ask me why, maybe it's because HW is more tangible? I don't know. But of course HW gets expensive too! On other Amiga related websites, there has been a rather massive "education" going on for some time, about how "good priced" the Sam440 motherboard from Acube is; "Amiga has always been expensive", etc, etc. Maybe you can "educate" *some chosen individuals*, but there is a reason to why there is such a low demand for Sam, and it's not because of bad promotional efforts. Had they changed their price to become "fair", or changed their specifications to become fair to the price, I think they would have experienced a much higher demand.

    There are both constants and variables in an equation like this. Better not mix them up.


    However, when, as has happened on MorphZone and Pegasosforum, people either explicitly or implicitly suggest that you have to be incompetent and / or ignorant to disagree with a need for multi-license discounts, I cannot help but feel insulted since I do disagree with it with regards to MorphOS, am not uneducated about marketing and know a gazillion successful companies that do not offer them either (some of which sell software that is more expensive than MorphOS).

    It was never my intention to insult you or anyone else, and if I did so, I apologize. I'm not even a member of pegasosforum, so please don't take it all out on me. ;-)

    That said - You set whatever price you want. Of Course you do! :-)

    And as I have said many times (both here and elsewhere), there is no cheaper or better option for ones "Amiga NG" hobby than MorphOS, if you look at the entire picture. I have bought one license (at the initial discount price). I do have more MorphOS capable machines, and if and when I find the price attractive for additional licenses, I might buy more copies.

    Take care! :-)
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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