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    I was referring to a info i read some time ago that those minis were called "silent updates" by apple, and there is on another forums people who has the mini at 1,5ghz but with 32 vram. Mine has 32vram and its perfect, the more memory the better, but 32 mb vram seems enough for morphos, at least the things i'm testing and doing.
    I'm not claiming what i said was true over the another posters opinion, just stated what i had heard on forums and on the net, so no offense taken, dave.
    Morphos is great, and as someone pointed out, even the less clocked mini will give you a fast morphos experience.
    Sorry if i have not explained well, but english is not my primary language.
    Cheers morphers!!!
    Mac Mini G4 1,4ghz 1gb ram & MorphOS 3.11
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