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    _ThEcRoW wrote:
    There were also 1,5 ghz ones that came with the 32mb radeon. Note that the 1,5 ghz minis ar really 1.42 ghz but overclocked.

    I don't understand when some make statements like the above, without any evidence to back up such a claim, when others have already made statements with references to a source that confirms the information. Nothing personal intended toward ThEcRoW, as he has made many useful and constructive postings in the past, and I am sure he will do more in the future. If you have some reference, documentation, or other source that can back up your claim that Apple did distribute some 1.5GHz MacMini's with only 32mb VRAM, please point us to that source, because from what I have researched on Apple's own support specification pages, the 1.5GHz G4 was ONLY available with 64mb VRAM and the amount of VRAM is not changeable by the consumer (and probably not an upgrade that even Apple, or a independent shop tech could do).

    Acill has confirmed that his 32mb VRAM, 1.25GHz MacMini runs MOS2.4 very fast and with no problems regarding running out of VRAM. So, as he and some others have written, buying a lower spec MacMini will still get you one of the fastest MorphOS computers on the planet. Only the 1.42GHz and 1.5GHz models will be a little faster.

    I have not checked the price difference between the 1.25GHz models and the faster models, but if it is significant dollar amount, the 1.25GHz model is likely the better deal.

    Edit: @Andreas, if the G4 in the MacMini was available up to a 1.7GHz speed, I wonder if it would be possible to safely overclock the 1.5 chip to 1.7 or higher?

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