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    I too would like to see the MOS Dev Team go on to working on a G5 PowerMac port of MorphOS after they are finished with the MacMini and maybe after also finishing ports to a few Mac laptop models.

    The advantage of doing it for the PowerMac is that we could use some already supported graphics cards, sound cards, etc. in the PCI slots of the PowerMac. I would hope that this would shorten the required time to port MOS to the PowerMac.

    This of course only makes sense if there isn't other better new hardware that the team should decide to port to instead. I am not hung up on buying used Macs, but their price to performance ratio as far as PPC hardware is concerned seems to be the best bang for the buck. I think it is the best option for the short term future of MorphOS, but would not be upset to be proved wrong if something better at the same price comes along.
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