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    MPC8610 sounds like a good idea. On the other hand I'm not sure if it will be much faster than my 1.5Ghz Mac Mini. And another additional and big problem is the number of years that it would take to make MorphOS available for this board.

    For the MorphOS community I think it's better to support Apple G5 machines. Some cores reach around 2.7Ghz and you can fit very nice graphic cards.

    Don't get me wrong, developing a new board sounds very nice but it would have to be twice faster than a 1.5Ghz Mac Mini for people thinking about it (specially since just the motherboard would cost them more than twice the cost of a full Mac Mini).

    Apple G5 machines reach 2.7Ghz and have 900Mhz memory bus. By the time you released that board most of people will be able to buy 2nd hand G5 hardware for very low prices.

    I understand the difference between used and new but if you develop a new board keep in mind that it should offer more than 2nd hand hardware.

    What about PPC 970 cpu family? BBRV stated the prices some years ago and the price was reasonable.

    Is it possible to get some Cell cpus?

    I would prefer PPC970 cpus... unless price is around 350Euros and performance twice than my 1.5Ghz Mac Mini.

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