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    Daff wrote:
    Prizes are lower on this page :

    (it's for 1000)

    Prices for 1000 are not the same as for 100. Sure. We could probably get even lower prices than that, but the link was used to refer to the escalation of the price of the 8640D


    - Dual core CPU is useless in AmigaOS/MorphOS. So no 8640D.

    That's the wrong reason, imho, but I will note it down. And it's not useless, it's just not supported now.


    - You can do several variants : low cost with 8610/800 MHz, up to 8610/1333 MHz.

    Well, true, but I'd have to do a spread out of the several models during production. I mean if there's lots of demand for the 1333Mhz models, then I'd be left with lower-speced 800Mhz ones, and vice-versa. But yes, that's a good idea if done properly, thanks.

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