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    Zylesea wrote:
    Personally I would prefer a 8610 @ 1330MHz over a 8640D @ 1 GHz over a P1022@1 GHz.
    I think bplan should know pretty much about the 8610 already.

    They do. AFAIK this one would be the faster to deliver than all three versions.


    In principle I guess Freescale will shift entirely to QorIQ in the middle future, but before that transition is done and e600 gets abandoned I would like to see a new e600 system.

    So do I, but would you pay ~500EUR for one? This is the question here. Perhaps it will be less in the case of 8610, that will have to be seen when the exact parts have been decided.


    And IIRC the QorIQ have some fpu weakness. They are no desktop processors, the e600 was designed for the desktop.

    I don't disagree, but I have seen some early benchmarks that place the P1022 as slightly faster than the G4@1Ghz in absolute terms. Considering the much faster memory bus, it's definitely going to be faster allaround than the G4, at least where Altivec is not involved. This is why I think it's not something to ignore.


    The 8610 is the easiest chip to start with, the price is fairly okay. The 8640D is not hat much more expensive, should be faster per core (bigger L2 cache) at the same clock. In future MorphOS has to cope with multi core cpus anyway, maybe the 8640D would be a good starting point for that endeavour.

    I don't know the internals of MorphOS so I can't even make an estimate of how long this might take. But I still think it would be something that the MorphOS team would think about very seriously.


    I like small boards with integrated gfx, with the 8610 this is possible. For those not satisfied with the inbuild gfx unit, there will be the option to insert a gfx card into a pci-e slot. An 8610 system should provide 2-3 slots. Only one slot is too few.

    In particular, the MPC8610 can include 1 PCI slot and 1PCI-e x8 slot (actually it can provide another PCI-e 4x slot, but this will probably be used on a SATA controller).


    The redtail design by NEC may be a good staring point to derive a small and pretty system from. I was thinking of getting in contact with them, but haven't yet.

    They're not interested in anyone that's not willing to buy a few tens of thousands of units.


    In the end I am only interested if MorphOS will run on such a board.

    I appreciate all the feedback, but I would appreciated it even more if you would send those comments in a mail, as I requested. It would make it easier to prepare a data sheet of all this info and see what the stats are and how I can use it make the right choices.

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