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    :-o Well I thought the MPC86xx chips would be faster than the old G4's but I didn't realise they could be that much faster.
    The extra cost for a higher frequency chip was about what I expected. I suppose 700 euros really is too much to expect people to pay. I only mentioned the MPC8610 in my last post because although the MPC8640D is a nice chip neither Morphos or AOS4 support dual core so for those OS's it would be a bit of a waste. Of course you're looking at Haiku so dual core makes sense there.
    The low cost of the P1022 is appealing but no AltiVec and a wait (possible delays?) to release isn't so good at all.
    The Pegasos II replacement type machine I mentioned in my last post is what I would do but hey it's not my money and I'm completely biased :-)

    Good luck with your project, it would be nice to see a new PPC board (of any kind) hit the market.
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