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    MOST unfortunatelly is doing nothing about their PR or any advertisement at all. That's a pity imho.

    By promoting software at a time when you cannot guarantuee a certain date of completion, you just increase public demand for information and expose yourself to repeated requests for explaining why the product is not ready yet, and so on. Since development can be tricky and unpredictable, any early promotion is likely to heat up demand prematurely and cause disappointment and anger.

    This is the exact type of can of worms that is best left untouched.

    Of course, in the case of the Mac Mini port, I still feel it was a good decision to at least announce it in public as it put the cap back on another sizable can of worms labelled "Where will MorphOS go next? Will the MorphOS development team produce its own butterfly-shaped range of supercomputers?".
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