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    > Getting processors has never been the problem. It's getting a board developed and built
    > is the expensive built.

    I know that. My price listing is a continuation of a sub-thread that started in this thread with someone else's statement on the QorIQ P5 series:

    "there are pretty many other things within the package for real high end networking (several 10 Gb controllers, packet inspector, buffers, security stuff). Not that MorphOS gets hindred by these compounds, but I guess they are rather bad for the wallet."

    Looking at the prices helps quantify how bad for the wallet the non-desktop features of the P5 chips actually are.

    > Add in this cost and you suddenly understand why the OS4 guys send so much for
    > what are basically very low end boards (and I'm not even talking about the X1000).

    I've been understanding this fact for so long that I can't even remember the time when I didn't.

    > At the sorts of volumes you can sell to MorphOS users building your own
    > makes no financial sense.

    True, that's why a combined platform for OS4, MorphOS, AROS/PPC, Linux/PPC, Haiku/PPC and whatnot would make more sense. ACube seeks to market the Sam460ex not only to OS4 users but also to AROS/PPC and MorphOS users. And it's no secret that Trevor would have liked MorphOS on the X1000 as well (besides OS4 and Linux/PPC), and that he hopes to see MorphOS running on the X1000's successor(s).

    > going with the existing systems (i.e. Macs) makes a lot of sense.

    Yes, there's no doubt about that.
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