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    > my question that you purported to answer was specifically about the
    > MID 3G. Here it is again: "In other words, do or do not his comments
    > in those discussions include the device I linked, the MID 3G?" You
    > persist in claiming to answer the specific question but then you
    > bring in generalities.

    No, it was meet.mrnrg himself talking also generally in that thread about *all* LimePC devices he offered in his store at this point in time, including the MID 3G. So, yes, his comments about the general LimePC family clearly include that device. And no, they don't include an explicit denotation of it, but that's not what you asked for, and not what I claimed for that matter.

    > Anybody reading can go and check and word-search your second link
    > and not find any reference to the MID 3G.

    Maybe you'll grasp it with the help of an example:
    One can talk about Genesi PPC mainboards refering to Pegasos I, Pegasos II and Efika only with mentioning the hypernym term "Genesi PPC mainboards". Would you really claim this didn't include either Pegasos I, Pegasos II or Efika just because these terms are not explicitly mentioned?
    Likewise, meet.mrnrg in his comments (yes, now I really mean the comments of said thread) about his "LimePC related products" refers to the MID 3G he was offering via his store as well as to all other LimePC devices he offered back then.

    > Rather than just admitting that none of your links said anything
    > about the MID 3G

    Yes, I won't "admit" that because I'm not going to lie. I will however admit that the *term* "MID 3G" was not mentioned. But then, that's not what I claimed. So, no retraction from my side.

    > you say that oh on that amigaworld.net page there is a link to his
    > eBay store and it was there that one would find the MID 3G.

    To understand which LimePC devices meet.mrnrg was refering to in his news item and in his comments where he talked about his LimePC offerings in general, you had to check the link to his store. And the MID 3G was there. Thus, the MID 3G was very well included when he commented about his LimePC offerings.

    > But if this were really what you were saying, then why wouldn't you
    > just link his eBay store directly?

    Because his eBay store (of which I thought you knew already) was *not* what I wanted to show you in the first place. I wanted to show you his AWN news item (and discussion) about his LimePC offerings, including the MID 3G. You may remember my claim that "meet.mrnrg desperately tries to promote his LimePC sales". His AWN news item is an evidence for that, the mere existence of his eBay store clearly isn't.

    > Are we supposed to check not only the pages you link, but each page
    > linked to on the pages you link?

    See, if someone talks about several things using a hypernym denotation of those things, to know what things he specifically talks about you have to do yourself the favor of checking it out. Simple as that. And checking in our specific case would have meant looking up the LimePC devices meet.mrnrg offered via his store. Else, how would you know that his comments about his LimePC offerings didn't include the MID 3G? I think you already knew about the MID 3G being offered by him, but still you insist on the MID 3G not having been included in any of his comments about his LimePC offerings.

    > further this explanation makes absolutely no sense at all because
    > you responded to my comment which already linked (and still does)
    > to the eBay picture of the MID 3G!

    Yes! That's exactly why I concluded that you already know his eBay store. What's making no sense, again?

    > So we already knew that he had the MID 3G on eBay.

    Again: I wanted to show you his AWN news item, not his eBay store of which I already had concluded that you know it.

    > The question was ""In other words, do or do not his comments in
    > those discussions include the device I linked, the MID 3G?"

    To get to the point:

    "As well as the new PPC NoteBooks and PPC TV and PPC X1's etc..."
    "As far as suppliers, they are the well know Amiga suppliers and for others LimePC"
    "More supportive of this PPC, because it's FreeScale PPC design."
    "Besides as far as I know, there is no money to port AmigaOS4.x to LimePC..."
    "MiniMig and AmigaOS4 and SamFlex are in stock, so for Amiga people not interested in other PPC technology right now, that's for them to decide. In 6-12-18 months if Lime PPC product sales are large enough then hey, presto, Hyperion could be then convinced there's a market, once it exists. Even then they might not have time or money for these products."

    ...are the phrases of his comments which include the MID 3G (highlighting added by me).

    > your repeated mischaracterization of my words "*a* gfx *coprocessor*"
    > to "*the* graphics *core*" including after I asked you not to do it.

    It was not about your ambigous words but about the self-contradicting *meaning* behind these words *after* your explanation as to what you allegedly meant. Up to now, you did not manage to resolve those contradictions.
    And just because you asked me not to scrutinize ("word-twist" in your words) your self-contradicting postings any longer doesn't mean I'm obliged to obey.

    > Here, you just throw up smoke screens and evasive

    Where exactly?

    > misleading language in answer to a direct question

    I'm not a native English speaker, so my language may very well be lacking. Would you mind continuing our discussion in the "Deutsche Foren" here on MZ?
    However, by now I even answered your direct question in such a detailed way that you had not even asked for.

    > because you won't admit you're wrong.

    "Admitting" I'm wrong would equal a lie.

    > I deny your sorry and baseless accusation that I lied.

    Of course, that's exactly what a liar would be expected to do :-P
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