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    > I just looked and your second link doesn't say anything about the
    > MID 3G.

    Not explicitly, right. But as I already explained, it's about the "LimePC related products" offered by meet.mrnrg. The MID 3G as a member of the LimePC product family clearly qualifies as such.

    > MeetMrNRG doesn't even link to it, he only links to the TV versions.

    I was talking about the link in his AWN news item, not the link in his comment to that. And obviously, the link I referred to now leads to a page with a content different from the content back then. Specifically, the MID 3G was present in his linked eBay store.

    > I guess you are mistaken.

    No, I'm not. I stand by my claim that my second link refers to an incident where meet.mrnrg desperately tried to promote his LimePC sales, including the device you pointed out.
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