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    > But those remarks DON'T seem to include the device I specifically
    > pointed out

    This device has been offered by him since no later than May 22nd. Of my three links, the first one contains a discussion from completely before that date. So admittedly, this link can't be about that device. The second link refers to a news posting from after that date about "LimePC related products", so it definitely includes that device. The third link, albeit being dated after May 22nd, doesn't seem to include the device.

    > Would I be a liar to say that you at least seem to be "shaping"
    > words creatively here?

    "LimePC related products" is not my choice of words, it's meet.mrnrg's. The device you pointed out is such LimePC related product as "LimePC" is the label the whole THTF's line of MPC5121e powered devices goes by.

    > do or do not his comments in those discussions include the device
    > I linked, the MID 3G? How about a "yes" or "no?"

    No, they don't in the first and third discussion. Yes, they do in the second link.
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