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    > I don't think that's funny

    No problem. There are many different kinds of humour.

    > I don't see where he said not having a logo stamp made it a
    > different computer.

    Fact is, that he claims some bogus reasons why the C114 and the LimeBox/LimePCX1 shall not be the same.

    > Sort of wish you would stop making facetious replies to my posts,
    > in fact it'd be okay if you didn't reply to my posts at all.

    Wish all you like. That's not fairy land where wishes come true :-P

    > None of those links referred to the device I pointed out, did they.
    > Please don't quote me and then post links that don't correspond to
    > what I referred to.

    My links refer to the discussions where meet.mrnrg desperately tries to promote his LimePC sales on eBay in general, including the device you pointed out.
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