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    ASiegel wrote:

    I have said this before and I will say it again:

    And we all thank you for your patience in repeting things you've already said.


    I consider an Efika Open Client to be clearly superior to the Cherrypal nettop with regards to overall performance as a desktop computer.

    Well, all this because the MPC5200B based Efika does NOT have video functions, and thus you must plug in a video card in its PCI slot, which incidentally is very powerful. We all remember the announced version with a graphics chip soldered on board (which was going to be a weak XGI).
    Using the MPC2151e PowerVR core does make sense, and at the same time does not make sense. Doh!
    Adding better graphics is something that could be done in an hypothetical MPC5121e board, if it had a PCI slot (the development board has). But this kind of setup would be, effectively, the same as the old MPC5200B Efika. We were talking about the existing LimePC/Cherrypal, so it's a no-go.
    If I remember it correctly, the MPC5121e offers no superior clock speed, cache, nor interfaces (well, there's SATA and better USB).

    All this talk about a computer that never existed! Are we amigans or what?!

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