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    Indeed, the MPC5121e is limited. But you already ported MorphOS to the even weaker MPC5200B in the Efika

    I have said this before and I will say it again: I consider an Efika Open Client to be clearly superior to the Cherrypal nettop with regards to overall performance as a desktop computer. (Ability to use *modern* screen resolutions, running 3D games, working with the default "layers3d"-enabled MorphOS 2.x user interface, and so on)

    The PowerVR unit of the 5121e was designed for mobile phones and similar devices with comparably small screen sizes, thus represents a *major* bottleneck in the context of high-resolution desktop computing. (Clearly, the MPC5121e was targetted at very different applications so this should not come as a surprise.)

    Optimizing code and writing special drivers is not going to somehow turn the 5121e into a performance monster. It is not and it was not designed to be one.
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