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    ASiegel wrote:


    jcmarcos wrote:

    Because LimePC and MorphOS deserve each other.

    I realize that this was not your intention but I find this statement to be bordering on an insult

    Now that's an energic answer! By the way, I very much appreciate a MorphOS Team member talking about this, even when they must be quite fed up with the Cherrypal fiasco. And, yet again, some of us still whine about this...


    considering the shady people involved on the LimePC side

    That's a very important point: According to Genesi, LimePC management people (Tsinghua Tonfang, THTF) are crooks. No matter how good their product is, you can't do business with people like this. That just puts an abrupt end to the story. So forget about the chinese, and go copy ourselves freescale's development board (easy, yeah).
    The problem is that technical matters can be considered separate from commercial matters (but, in the real world, doing so is suicidal). This alows for debates like this that never end. Don't ya love it?


    and the technical

    ...but now we get technical!


    limitations of the hardware (graphics performance / supported screen resolutions, especially).

    Indeed, the MPC5121e is limited. But you already ported MorphOS to the even weaker MPC5200B in the Efika, and quite an interesting toy resulted. Its XGI video option was also very low end.
    It took very long, and also Genesi paid for this development. Perhaps we "LimePC wankers" shoud shut up, raise some serious money and talk business to you in order to get same thing for "our" LimePC.
    The MPC5121e is (was?) s a CPU for low end netbooks, PDAs, and other toys. But we've heard a lot of times (so happily accepted) that "just enough computing" motto from Genesi. I really think the chip is good for many low end uses. It even manages to move that boring Linux distro in the Cherrypal. And no doubt that lack of cache coherency excuse is for sissies: The MorphOS Team can, of course, do anything in their own code for it to run on an HP calculator, if required.
    For me, it's much worse that there was no "generally available" driver for the PowerVR unit. But that's all history now.


    As far as the end user experience goes, I doubt that existing MorphOS fans would have enjoyed LimeOS a lot even if it had been based on key MorphOS technologies.

    I can imagine that MorphOS role in the real (never produced) LimePC was just boring user interface, none of the fun we enjoy tweaking here and there.
    Now I wonder if even a single line of code was ever written for LimePC. I guess not.

    By the way, of course, I realize that the MorphOS Team is not a "Genesi department" at all. I guess everyone here does. And I also realize that the Team must be quited bored about us kicking this dead horse again.

    So off to some other matter. How's that x86 port doing?

    (me ducks)
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