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    And I love it that you copy-paste BBRV's advice on what hardware is a "waste of time" for MorphOS. I usually look to the MorphOS coders for opinion on that.

    I think that if you really ask them, you would get a similar response.


    Gee, I wonder if BBRV thinks the latest ARM thing Genesi wants to do is a "productive use of time" for MorphOS?

    Genesi hasn't asked for a MorphOS port to ARM (LINK), but they would support it if the will from the MorphOS team was there. But I think they are perfectly aware of the time and effort required to accomplish something like that. It took the MorphOS team almost 2 years to deliver MorphOS for the Efika. Two years is a man age in computer years, complete technology shifts can happen in that much time, and the whole Efika/LimePC window was closed before MorphOS was even ready. And that was for a PPC platform, *not* a migration to a different architecture.


    If you want to say that, in your opinion, the CherryPal hardware would be a poor strategic direction for A) MorphOS, or B) Genesi, then please say it that way instead of saying such and such is "dead" and "f*cked up" when you really don't know at all.

    I'm sure the 5121e is an excellent chip, when used for its purpose. For MorphOS though, the 5121e is broken by design. It lacks HW cache coherency. This turned out to be a design move (Click Here and read the post from henri234), and I agree that it makes sense for the context in which the chip is supposed to be used, i.e. embedded applications only. Genesi though, had counted on cache coherency being there. The whole point with the Efika->5121e program, and the whole idea with LimePC/Cherrypal/Whatever, relied on that.

    Look Velcro, I didn't mean to take away the fun for you to have a Cherrypal thing. I have been toying with the thought of getting one myself, as some kind of collectors item if for no other reasons. Lots of AmigaOne owners are perfectly happy with their machines as well. Happiness is a good thing. But when you suggest that Genesi should continue with the 5121e design instead of the ARM design that not only is superior in every single way of measurement, and also cheaper, then it just becomes ridiculous. As for the MorphOS team - I'm sure they have their hands full to achieve the Mac Mini PPC port, and I'm sure *it will* happen. Any year now. The 5121e is a waste of time.
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