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    Your idea of "picking up LimePC" makes sense, at least for an ignorant like me. but it's hard to tell how difficult it would be. Being such a little compuiter, it should be VERY easy to do, or it wouldn't be viable, we're talking low cost computing.

    No. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Genesi developed the LimePC/Cherrypal, and they have already left it. For this:


    This chip has at least twice as good performance and much better specifications than the 5121e. It has lots of support controllers and accelerators. It has a SIMD unit (think Altivec). And it has momentum. It can do the things you want a netbook to do, the 5121e is *much* more limited in its specs and performance.

    YouTube Video


    In the past, I thought of an initiative consisting in buying a bunch of LimePCs and give them to the MorphOS Team, for them to check the possibility of a port. Hell, they are cheap!

    I'll quote a reply that BBRV already made to Velcro_SP in an old thread:

    "We tried to explain a number of times here and on PowerDeveloper why the 5121e is a waste of time for use with an OS like MorphOS. Please don't waste you time and money on this proposed bounty. If a MorphOS-Team developer wants one of these systems we would be happy to send one to them. This is not the issue."

    "Porting MorphOS to the 5121e is a waste of time. It is too bad things worked out like they did. We had high hopes for this chip."
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