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    It was not a comment to a single blog post, it was an aggregated conclusion based on *all* of what has been said, and *all* observations I have made during the last year. And with "dead" I didn't mean that your device didn't power up anymore. That's the same tiresome "logic" that rigid die hard Amigans use when they say "The Amiga isn't dead, my LED is still lit" when you say it's "dead" in the sense that the platform has no clear commercial purpose, no focus, no role to play in a greater scheme, and has been lagging behind in most areas every year for a decade and a half (at least if you consider it to be what most "amigans" consider it to be - a full blown desktop OS that is here to rule the world and kick Windows out of the picture).

    "It's dead for all purposes of interest to us", i.e. if the chip is still sold (of which I am sure it is, though I doubt the platform will be further developed, at least not in a way that would be remotely interesting to *us*), then you will find it hidden in cars etc, not in the consumer electronic devices and netbooks you are looking for.

    The similarity with MAI/Articia and AmigaOne is striking IMHO. Both chips had a great deal of bugs and came in lots of new revisions (to the actual market!) before the problems started to get ironed out. Yet the lack of a working cache coherency functionality came as a total surprise to the third party developers. Some (Genesi and most other) consider this to be a deal breaker and jumped ship to another chip, while some few (Eyetech and Cherrypal) pushed ahead, they made a few sales before they went belly up, and left some users that happily testify online that "I have never had any problems with my AmigaOne/Cherrypal whatsoever" (which probably is totally true but not really relevant). Yet the Articia had at least two follow up models on the road map, and the MobileGT platform had the 5123, 5125, and the 5130 in the pipe line. I bet that there still is a few people over at amigans.net that still are waiting for the Articia P (it will never come), and explains the outage of the MAI website as some simple site maintenance. The 5123 was *originally* supposed to be here at Q1 2008 (Genesi was supposed to handle the development of a MPC5123 system reference design), and the 5125/5130 in Q2 2009. According to posts by BBRV, there has been some vast reorganization at Freescale though, a complete refocus. At one point in time, Genesi had the hopes of the 5121e/5123 to be suitable for netbook like devices, but it turned out it wasn't (it's completely focused on embedded markets). Neither the 5125 nor the 5130 will even have an MBX or AXE core (if they ever get here), so they are out of the picture as well. Conclusion: The 5121e/5123 won't suffice, and the follow up chips won't correct this. *THIS* is what I mean with "dead"; I'm *not* disputing that the LED on your Cherrypal is stil lit, because I'm sure it is. But the fact is that Freescale's consumer focus is around the i.Mx family now (ARM). And this is where Genesi is as well.
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