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    Velcro, I agree with all your comments here. Even those "against" takemehomegrandma. Count me also in that category, as I usually do the same praising towards Genesi from time to time. Somehow, I feel in debt with them, perhaps some more people here feel like that (but wouldn't admit it in public).

    I've red your blog entry about the Cherrypal ("LimePC" from now), and recall doing so in the past. Sorry for fooling myself, as I obviously red (and commented!) your MorphZone thread also, but had forgotten about it.

    Your idea of "picking up LimePC" makes sense, at least for an ignorant like me. but it's hard to tell how difficult it would be. Being such a little compuiter, it should be VERY easy to do, or it wouldn't be viable, we're talking low cost computing.

    In the past, I thought of an initiative consisting in buying a bunch of LimePCs and give them to the MorphOS Team, for them to check the possibility of a port. Hell, they are cheap! It's not like buying a bunch of PowerMacs G5! (yeah, right, as I'm dumb and can't do it myself, I pass that task to tme Team, as if they weren't busy enough).

    The MacMini port is a good thing. Mostly because it's the ONLY possible thing. Doh.

    But it's a pity the LimePC can't enjoy a decent operating system (and community!). Because LimePC and MorphOS deserve each other. Knowing that the original plan was about MorphOS only hurts more.

    So, if we had the guarantee (yeah, right) that freescale would be manufacturing the MPC5121e for five more years, and THTF would do so with the motherboard... But those are, precisely, two companies known for NOT delivering on their announcements. Anyone here in China willing to reach THTF's offices for an agrement over LimePC? Wait, Genesi did so, and were screwed...

    It's just a shame that the LimePC, indeed, does exist, and that "being born" for MorphOS, we can't do anything about it.

    Or "yes we can" (TM)?
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